The secret to leaving work on Friday afternoon with a totally clear email inbox?

Doc4 Design uses some pretty sneaky (and effective) tools that help us get the most out of every email we send – you'll want to read through our recommendations before sending your next email!


Boomerang for Gmail

Boomerang for Gmail: Boomerang can be the perfect way to moderate your inbox. This Gmail plugin allows you to 'schedule' your email – you can schedule an email to return the day of the meeting mentioned in the email, or you can schedule an email to send at some point in the future. If you want to make it look like you're up at 5 a.m. responding to client messages, Boomerang can help you make a good impression. You can also receive reminders to follow up with clients in a given time frame or set your own follow-up reminders for important messages.

Test it out the with a free 30-day trial or get the basic version for free. Paid plans start at $4.99 per month. Visit Boomerang's Website



Rapportive: When it comes to growing your business, networking is essential. Rapportive harnesses the power of your personal and professional network by allowing you to get LinkedIn profile information from directly within your Gmail account. With easy access to this information alongside your email, you can see where the sender works and which LinkedIn connections that you have in common with the sender. You'll also get a nice headshot of the sender, which can be particularly helpful to refresh your memory when you haven't seen the sender in a while.

Rapportive brings LinkedIn connections to life outside of the platform and helps you leverage your network for the biggest impact on your business. Rapportive is a free browser plugin for Firefox and Chrome. Visit Rapportive's Website



Yesware: A digital tool that focuses on "what happens after you click send," Yesware allows you to track your emails from the moment you click the send button. When you can see when your email is opened by the recipient, you'll understand when is the right time to reach out to a prospect and which of your efforts to connect are working for you. Instead of investing in strategies that don't work, Yesware allows you to spend your time and efforts where you get the biggest ROI.

More than 500,000 sales professionals use Yesware to track email open rates and use analytics to make smarter marketing and branding decisions. Try it now with a free plan allows you to track 100 email events per month and receive personalized email templates and reports. Visit Yesware's Website



If This, Then That (IFTTT): IFTTT is not just an email tool, it's a tool for almost any network you use. If This, Then That allows you to create and run rules that apply to utilities like Gmail, Evernote, Facebook, Feedly, iOS Contacts, LinkedIn, Salesforce Chatter, Twitter and more. Now, you can automate emails to LinkedIn contacts when they receive a new job or promotion, set smartphone reminders to reply to starred emails, or even send new iOS contacts a "Nice meeting you" email.

IFTTT makes it easy to stay current with the social niceties that will keep you and your business fresh in the mind of friends, colleagues, and acquaintances. It's free to use. Visit IFTTT Website

If you've been meaning to get better about responding to emails or growing your network, these tools can help you automate your email management to work smarter.

With any new software, it's important to leave yourself time to set up these tools and then give them time to work. While you might put in a few hours getting all these things running, trust us, it's worth the effort!

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Michael White

Michael White

Business Specialist at Doc4 Design