Marek Cosmetics

Marek Cosmetics and Skin Care is a boutique cosmetics firm based in Los Angeles, California specializing in high-end women's restorative and corrective makeup.

When Marek first reached out to Doc4, they were in the early stages of launching their start-up requiring a complete visual identity built from the ground up. This included a creative logo design that would uniquely capture the elegance of the brand. Marek Cosmetics' line of products is centered around a bold approach to cosmetic style. The company hoped to visually imply that a degree of devilish confidence would be required (and acquired) by the customer that uses their products.

The end result is a unique and elegant design that is both firm and delicate. The bold typeface combined with the intricate and playful line work radiates the strength and confidence the client was hoping to achieve. The design was then carried over into a deep, lipstick-red business card to further enhance this feeling of confidence and boldness.