Lighting Emporium

Anyone who has lived in Northwest Arkansas for more than a few years has seen at least one commercial featuring Glenda Milam and her Maltese dog, Gabby from Lighting Emporium (in Springdale, AR). We have had the pleasure of helping Lighting Emporium with a multitude of graphic design projects over the years and we can tell you first hand, Glenda (and Gabby) are just as much fun to work with as the commercials would make you think.

Recently, Lighting Emporium contacted us wanting to put a modern touch on their e-commerce website. We jumped at the challenge to make a site that had to be both beautiful and functional.

One of the benefits of working with the furniture industry is the fantastic photography we had access to. Photography can make or break a website design. What the manufacturers weren't able to provide for us, the great crew at Black Label Photography shot for us. Black Label is located just around the corner from Doc4 in Rogers, Arkansas.

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