For more than twenty years, YGM has been partnering with local and state chambers to conduct Total Resource Campaigns (TRC). They are the only consultants providing both expert consulting and a unique online system to track each campaign's success rate.

Doc4 worked with YGM TRC to develop an essential understanding of th enormity of this project and how to best present it to the customer base. We eventually landed on a comprehensive mobile responsive website allowing Chambers to setup and maintain a variety of "Total Resource Campaigns". Complete with a volunteer managed site, a chamber managed site, and a public facing site. Each step of the process was reviewed and examined for the best possible user experience and functionality from the front end design and development to the content management systems used for each group it was important to share data across all three and allow each participant the ability to control and create content as needed.

An exhuastive project that took nearly two years to complete, it replaced an outdated generic html website. The Chambers were excited to be able to manage their own campigns without needing to rely on a secondary contact and the Client was happy to free up additional time to increase sales.

  • UI/UX
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

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