Atari Amiga Boing Demo Label Design

Boing 2600!, by David Galloway, is a port of the Amiga Boing Ball demo designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the Amiga 1000 home computer system. "Fans of Amiga computers will immediately recognize the nature of the Amiga Boing Demo. To help demonstrate the power of the Amiga, the Amiga Boing Ball demo was created. The demo consists of a checkered red and white ball bouncing within the confines of the screen, changing direction when hitting the walls, all the while spinning. With this demo running in the background (as the Amiga could multitask, which was a fairly unique feature at the time in personal computers), it as a powerful statement of the Amiga's capabilities. This demo ultimately became synonymous with the Amiga, and even today it used as part of the official Amiga identity."

The demo has been ported to nearly every computer system as a sort of 'proof of equality' and what amounts to an extremely long-running gag. In 2004 the Atari 2600 was added to the list and Doc4 was awarded the pleasure of designing the accompanying artwork and identity through our friends at AtariAge and in the home brew gaming community. It's always a pleasure working in this field as we have such fond memories from our childhoods playing video games. 

In 2008 the Apple iPhone became the most recent recipient of the Amiga Boing Demo.

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