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When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail.

This concept, formulated by Abraham Maslow, is known as the 'law of the instrument' and it describes a blind over-reliance on a particular tool due to the user's unfamiliarity with other options. We think this law may explain why nearly all the web design companies in Northwest Arkansas offer exclusively WordPress web design: if it's the only tool in the bag, then it's the only solution that can be presented.

If you call up any of the website development companies in our region, you will hear a great deal about WordPress and how it is the perfect option for you. But you will rarely (if ever) hear an honest assessment of the drawbacks and tradeoffs that come with a WordPress solution.

And you will almost certainly never hear that there are other options available to you. At Doc4, we have a big tool bag: not only are we experts in WordPress website design, we also offer options other than WordPress. This means we can present you with a tailored solution to your specific needs, instead of trying to wedge you into the only solution we know how to provide.

For more information on WordPress, check out this article we wrote summarizing the pros and cons of WordPress or scroll down for all of our WordPress resources.

Or you can always drop us a line at (479) 202-8634 and we can help you decide whether or not WordPress is right for your situation.

Whitepaper: Could WordPress Sink Your Business?

Folks everywhere confidently assure us that their organization needs WordPress. We often find that WordPress isn't at all what their organization needs. Not because of anything WordPress is lacking, it's simply a misunderstanding of what WordPress is.

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We make useful WordPress Plugins

You're in for a treat: Doc4 has been developing useful WordPress Plugins for nearly 10 years. Check out our Plugins page and don't hesitate to contact us with questions or suggestions – we're always looking to improve our capabilities.

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Our Best WordPress Resources

We've been working with WordPress for over a decade now. It's been exciting – and sometimes frustrating – watching how WordPress has grown and changed. In the articles below, you can find out what we've learned about WordPress over the years.

By: Michael White

How Much Does It Cost To Make A Website?

Today there are thousands of ways to build a website. If you're looking to replace an outdated site and need a rough idea of options ...

By: Dale Crum

Website Not Working? What Are Your Options?

Are you having trouble with your website? Maybe you're seeing a blank screen or the content isn't loading properly? There are a lot of things ...

By: Dale Crum

The Building Blocks of a Great Website

Every web developer has their own style, be it the way they code their CSS to how they write their javascript, but there are some ...

By: Michael White

Is it a Worldwide WordPress Conspiracy?

At Doc4 Design, we hear from business owners nearly every week who specifically mention their need for a WordPress website. Why are so many folks ...

By: Dale Crum

Nine Unavoidable Frustrations of Using WordPress

It's no secret that WordPress has a corner on the blogging market. Despite its widespread popularity, however, it presents several problems that are difficult or ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress’ Silver Lining

With over 60 million blogs running on WordPress, it's the most popular blog platform around. There's a good reason for its popularity, too. WordPress offers ...

By: Michael White

How WordPress Could Sink Your Business

We hear from folks all over Northwest Arkansas who confidently assure us that their organization needs a WordPress website. However, after a little discussion, we ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial: 5 Ways to Shorten Your Post Titles

I am under the personal belief that post titles should be short, sweet and precise enough to get the point across without sounding like an ...

By: Dale Crum

Tutorial: Magic Fields Duplicates

Magic Fields provides a greater amount of control and ease-of-use over Flutter when it comes to duplicate fields. Unfortunately, the instructions needed to use duplication ...

By: Davis James

WordPress Tutorial: Hacks, Snippets, and More

WordPress gives us so many options that it truly is amazing they have yet to declare themselves a content management system. Sometimes, though, we have ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress: Quick Numbering of Paginated Posts with Results Count

In this tutorial, we will be covering a simple method of adding numbers to looped posts. An example usage of this technique is a search ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress: the_category Using Multiple Separators Between Categories

In this tutorial, we are going to demonstrate a method of using multiple separators within 'the_category' tag's $separator string. Specifically, we will be focusing on ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress: List Categories next to their Descriptions

Listing category names beside their descriptions is not something WordPress offers an easy solution to within the codex, though it sounds easy enough. WordPress' wp_list_categories ...

By: Dale Crum

How to Use the WordPress Flutter CMS

We are continuing our Freshout Flutter tutorials by covering the basics of creating Write Panels, Custom Fields, and methods of printing those Custom Fields. This ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial: Making the Flutter Date Field work for you

The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate the comparison between two WordPress Flutter Date Fields, display them and if only one date is necessary, ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress: Add Your Own Branding

WordPress is a great open source platform to build on and we have nothing but respect for their work, but wouldn't it be nice to ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress: Provide a Better Naming Convention for Thumbnails

We never really brought the WordPress thumbnail feature to its full potential until recently. Initially, we assumed that WordPress provided a codex tag that would ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial: Flutter Duplicate Fields

Creating duplicate fields through Freshout's WordPress plugin, Flutter, has been a little on the mysterious side up to this point. No documentation seems to exist ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial: Condensing the Flutter menu

One of the few flaws we've found with Freshout's WordPress plugin entitled Flutter is the manner in which it displays Custom Write Panels. Flutter lists ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial on What To Do When No Content Exists

Doc4 has been developing websites for Clients using WordPress since before 2005. During that time we've created quite a few generic themed sites as well ...



We're proud to present the wonderful things Doc4 clients are saying. We consider it an honor to be in the company of so many talented people from Northwest Arkansas and beyond. Thank you all for choosing us to be your partners.

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"You guys freakin' rock! Thanks for everything you've done with the Project Monkey app"

Dakota Riggins
Dakota Riggins
Black Pine Homes

"Thanks so much! Your work looks great in the movie!"

David Hunt
David Hunt
Film Director
'Greater: The Brandon Burlsworth Story'

"Doc4 Design has been our go-to web and print company for almost fifteen years. They're the best!”

Holly Fish
Holly Fish
Dir. of Human Resources & Mktg.

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