By: Dale Crum

CSS Hacks: The Quick and Dirty Way to Patch your Stylesheets

It's not uncommon to see a few CSS hacks in a stylesheet, especially when it comes down to the Internet Explorer. These browsers can break ...

By: Dale Crum

Unveiling Apple's Web Design Secrets: Recreating the Iconic Apple Menu

I stumbled upon an incredibly informative and enlightening article while browsing the internet. The article caught my attention as it delved into the fascinating topic ...

By: Davis James

FDA Food Label, A Paragon of Legibility

After watching an elephant disappear in front of a crowded theater (so the story goes), a young man asked Harry Houdini, "How did you do ...

By: Michael White

Harnessing the Power of Color in Business: Strategies for Success

What is your favorite color? You have undoubtedly been asked this dozens of times. Being a designer, my answer takes a little explaining. A far ...

By: Dale Crum

Web Design with Cross-Browser Support

Embarking on the journey of building a website can often feel like a daunting task. You may come across individuals boasting about their ability to ...

By: Dale Crum

Exploring the History and Significance of Business Cards: From Royalty to Modern Marketing

Let's discuss the history and importance of the business card as an advertising tool. For being such a small printed piece, business cards represent a ...


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"You guys freakin' rock! Thanks for everything you've done with the Project Monkey app"

Dakota Riggins
Dakota Riggins
Black Pine Homes

"Thanks so much! Your work looks great in the movie!"

David Hunt
David Hunt
Film Director
'Greater: The Brandon Burlsworth Story'

"Doc4 Design has been our go-to web and print company for almost fifteen years. They're the best!”

Holly Fish
Holly Fish
Dir. of Human Resources & Mktg.