By: Davis James

Attainable Goals for Your Company during the Pandemic

A new year has begun, and with it are the hopes of perfecting your website, increasing your Google page rank, and taking up new hobbies. ...

By: Michael White

Game Day Parking and The Role of Passion In Startups

If you've ever been to a big sporting event or concert, you've dealt with the parking spot search routine. Sometimes you're early, sometimes you're lucky, ...

By: Davis James

Efficiency Unleashed: Strategies for Enhanced Productivity

As I sit at my desk, faced with yet another looming article deadline, I can't help but reflect on the universal challenge of procrastination. It's ...

By: Michael White

Brace Yourself for “Mobilegeddon”

Today, April 21, 2015, Google is releasing an update that will impact how websites are ranked in mobile search results. This mobile-friendly update is anticipated ...

By: Michael White

Mobile Searchers are on the Move and Ready to Buy

Today, mobile traffic accounts for more than 30% of all web traffic. There are billions of smartphones in the world, and Google is raising its ...

By: Ryan Wells

Should You Still Be Writing JavaScript?

Few people would dispute that JavaScript has become the lingua franca of the web and is one of the most important programming languages in the ...

By: Dale Crum

Designing with Numbers: Inspiring Examples of Innovative Identity Work

In the realm of professional identity design, incorporating numbers can sometimes pose a challenge. However, the following showcase of works aims to demonstrate that the ...


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"Doc4 developed our new website. They are professional, listen, and deliver a clear game plan. Our customers love our site, we couldn’t be happier."

Rose Mary Cummings
Rose Mary Cummings
Sr. Dir. of Mktg/Product Dev.
Maxwell Hardwood & Flooring

"Doc4 Design is absolutely the best creative team in Northwest Arkansas! Right Rebel?!"

Glenda Milam
Glenda Milam
Lighting Emporium

"Thanks so much! Your work looks great in the movie!"

David Hunt
David Hunt
Film Director
'Greater: The Brandon Burlsworth Story'