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Atchley Air is a third-generation, family-owned, industrial heating and cooling business that has been in operation since 1958. Atchley Air was looking for a simpler method of pricing out heating and air conditioning repairs and replacements without breaking the bank. After years of using expensive one-size-fits-all subscription platforms that never quite fit the business needs they decided to investigate the option of building their own.

Doc4 was able to fit the bill by developing a user-friendly, mobile app for iOS devices that allowed the Client to import years worth of data and organize it in a useable manner. When the service technicians visit customers today they are able to quickly find a solution, select several cost options for the customer, receive approval, and make the sale. These precious few moments the technician spends with the customer show dedication, skill, reliability, and efficiency. We were happy to report that this was a success.

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