Burn Rubber Video Game Logo Design

Doc4 partnered with Team Pixelboy and Collectorvision Games on this incredible, yet small project. Colectorvision Games is devoted to re-releasing long out-of-print retro video games while Team Pixelboy is known in the 'home brew' world of retro gaming for their top-quality re-releases of MSX Computer games featuring immaculately, high-end, reproduction packaging and manuals "just like you remember purchasing them in retail stores, over 30 years ago!".

To achieve the high-end level of production quality, both companies worked with Doc4 to produce a unique game with original packaging design, game inserts, label, and manual. To top it off Doc4 created a logo for the game capturing all the amazing elements of game play in one mark.

Launch Project
  • Logo Design
  • Print Design

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