Opcode Games ColecoVision MegaCart

Opcode Games located in Boston, MA is loved by retro video game fans all over the world for their remakes of classic video games from the 1980s. As big fans of retro gaming, Doc4 jumped at the chance to design a new logo for the MegaCart line of games from ColecoVision as part of an Opcode Games project.

We combined fun, punchy colors for this logo mark as a throwback reference to the eye-popping design era of the 1980s with specific emphasis on maintaining a brand relationship to the ColecoVision logo. However, the subtle gradation of the colors tones down the appearance to make the palette appealing to modern consumers. And the broad, hefty strokes of this logo design were inspired by the impressive expansion capability of MegaCart itself.

Additional information about the Megacart as well as details on bank switching can be found on the Collectorvision website.

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