Opcode Games ColecoVision Super Game Module

The Super Game Module is the sixth expansion project developed for the ColecoVision home game system. Originally demoed at the 1983 New York Toy Show it was scrapped due to the unreliable nature of the tape drive design. It has subsequently been re-introduced in late 2013 by Opcode Games. The Super Game Module lives up to its original promise of allowing "higher-capacity super games" to be programmed and played on the ColecoVision providing true classic arcade quality.

"More than ever before, ColecoVision Super Game Module brings home the arcade experience with computer-age precision! The Super Game Module plugs into the Expansion Port on your ColecoVision console and transports you to a world of finer-than-ever game detail! Super Game cartridges capture every last detail of the original arcade games."

- Opcode Games

Doc4 worked on several aspects of the design starting with a picture-perfect, vectorized, reproduction of the ColecoVision identity. The packaging is a close, yet modified, reproduction of the original ColecoVision box. We started by purchasing vintage ColecoVision expansion modules to better understand the packaging design and construction. From there we developed a layout that mimicked the 80's but provided us the ability to add additional elements.

The Super Game Module, manual, and metallic nameplates followed suit. We went through extensive research to locate a printer capable of creating the absolute best representation of the metallic nameplates, certainly a challenge unto itself. When all was said and done we had created a final product and packaging that allowed collectors to relive their childhood memories. Unboxing videos have since plastered Youtube and the reactions are wonderful to hear.

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