Energizer Packaging Design

During the release of Shrek the Third, Energizer teamed up with Dreamworks Animation to release a limited edition, cross-branded run of green, Shrek batteries. Designing for several large corporations within a single project (even a simple one) can often become a juggling act. Well known (and loved) brands generally come with a predetermined set of requirements that must be carefully observed when used in any marketing materials.

Doc4 worked with Energizer to demonstrate the positive value in branding batteries with a film nominated for Best Animated Movie. Batteries play an ever-growing role in the lives of children from toys to educational computing and the decision to market Energizer batteries through Shrek the Third was a no-brainer.

At Doc4 we thrive on this kind of graphic design challenge, taking it as an opportunity to seek out creative solutions that we could never have dreamed up if it had not been for the constraints imposed.

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