Atari Ewok Adventure Label Design

"You take the role of an Ewok in this thrilling game based on scenes from Return of the Jedi. Now a member of the rebel cause, you must hang glide over dangerous territory in order to reach the imperial shield generator. Your mission: to blow it apart! But as you swoop through the forest, Imperial Stormtroopers, AT-ST's and Biker Scouts will try to shoot you down. Hurl rocks at the enemy as you avoid their fire and close in on the shield generator."

Star Wars® Return of the Jedi™ – Ewok Adventure™ for the Atari® 2600 is an unreleased game from Parker Brothers. The prototype was discovered in 1997 and subsequently released as a ROM and then as a playable reproduction on the Atari 2600 for the New England Classic Gaming Expo. Doc4 was tasked with using the original artwork to create an authentic label for the game. The artists, the Brothers Hildebrandt, (who created all the artwork for the Parker Brothers Star Wars collection for the Atari) provided the original, unused paintings for this reproduction.

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