Greater: The Brandon Burlsworth Story

As long-time Razorback football fans, it was both a privilege and an honor for Doc4 to be able to contribute to this movie that tells the inspiring story of Razorback legend Brandon Burlsworth.

The Challenge. With filming winding down, the director and producer made a last-minute decision to completely rework a newspaper montage that would detail the results of Brandon's fateful last season. What was needed was an authentic – and easily readable – duplication of the original newspapers from the time period. And to keep the shoot on schedule, the crew needed these newspapers ASAP!

Our Solution. We reached out to our contacts at local newspapers and the University of Arkansas to locate the original, archived newspapers to reproduce. After being told it could take weeks to months to procure, if they were even available, we mentioned that this was for the Brandon Burlsworth movie – Razorback Nation being what it is, the folks at the newspapers dropped everything to get us what we needed in less than 48 hours. Unfortunately the original newspapers were not available but archived copies from the near time period were.

From there, we worked through the night emailing proof after proof to the filmmakers until every last detail was spot on, finishing just in time to make it into the film with a time period perfect layout.

While we were ecstatic to see our work on the big screen for the first time, we were even more excited to be a small part of such a wonderful project.

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  • Graphic Design

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