Hawk Moth Brewery Mobile Responsive Shopify Website

Hawk Moth Brewery and Beer Parlor located in Rogers, Arkansas asked Doc4 for assistance in setting up a templated mobile website using Shopify. The Client was wanting the lowest budget option for his startup brewery / pub. Without knowing the full scope of the business we felt the best option would be to take advantage of Shopify. We helped with the template selection process, setup the account, purchased the domain name, and added custom code for the age verification entry. Lastly, we taught the Client how to use the site to make content managed changes as needed.

Using a system such as WordPress, Shopify, SquareSpace, or even Joomla are fully within our wheelhouse and we suggest these tools as options when they fit the Client's needs. What we don't want to do is the opposite, force fit the Client into a tool because that's all we offer. We strive to offer the best options available whether that's a custom developed website or a pre-built tool.

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