Heavy Metal Kingpin

An alternative identity created for Joe Grand of Grand Idea Studio. The logo was specifically developed to kickstart design submissions for a selection of online products such as t-shirts; proceeds of which were donated to a variety of charities.

Joe was looking for a design using his online moniker 'Kingpin' that reflected his interest in 'heavy metal' music. He has been seen wearing this logo deisgn in many public appearances including his show 'Prototype This', an engineering entertainment program on Discovery Channel offering a view into the real-life process of designing and building unique prototypes. In this thirteen episode series, Joe and the team set out to tackle a variety of issues by creating crazy, one-of-a-kind inventions.

"Joe Grand is an American electrical engineer, inventor, and hardware hacker, known in the hacker community as Kingpin. He achieved mainstream popularity after his appearance on Prototype This!, a Discovery Channel television show. He specializes in, "finding security flaws in hardware devices and educating engineers on how to increase the security of their designs". Grand has testified before the U.S. Senate Committee on Governmental Affairs regarding government and homeland computer security under his internet handle, Kingpin."

- Wikipedia

This logo is featured in the seventh edition of LogoLounge and the LogoNest Black and White Special Edition.

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