Grand Idea Studio JTAGulator Logo Design

JTAGulator is an on-chip debug (OCD) identifier developed by Grand Idea Studio . Doc4 worked with hacker/inventor Joe Grand to bring his vision of the brand design to life.

We took a structured look at the early adopters for this type of device and in our research found nearly everyone in the field had a fondness for heavy metal music. Using 'metal band' brand identities as a research starting point, we ended up with this wildly unique identity. Our inspiration came from Christophe Szpajdel wonderful book ' Lord of the Logos '  "This book includes hundreds of powerful logos, each of which captures the force of this musical genre anew. Through his surprising use of aesthetic influences such as art deco and nature, Szpajdel has brought a new dynamic into the gothic visuality of heavy metal."

Additionally we took a step back in time to examine logos from bands such as Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Megadeth, and many more from the eighties and nineties.

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