LHB Regional Indicators Initiative

LHB – a multi-disciplinary engineering, architecture, and planning firm based in Minnesota – launched a public works project called the Regional Indicators Initiative to measure sustainability practices through the use of a comprehensive collection of data.

The initiative was conceived as a way to track the progress of cities involved in the GreenStep Cities Program. While the program tracks which practices cities have adopted, it did not have a method for tracking how effective these strategies have been at 'moving the needle' towards sustainability. This led LHB to develop a pilot study to prove that the four indicators of city-wide sustainability can be gathered and analyzed annually in a reasonable period of time and at a relatively low cost.

As part of this project, LHB required a website to interface with the public in such a way that the average layperson would be able to follow the progress of the project. LHB contacted Doc4 because they required a web design company that could work in tandem with their graphic design department to build a website to track the performance of 20 Minnesota cities through key indicators to assess progress and promote efficiency.

The crucial factor to making this website a success was the clarity and structure of the information provided. This information needed to be more than just easy to digest, it needed to be visually inviting as well. We were able to develop a back-end system capable of both ingesting and then seamlessly relaying an incredibly large data set of information to nearly four million people living in Minnesota

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