20 Websites Featuring Prominent Illustrations

After reading hundreds of articles and design newsletters over the years showcasing websites as a source of inspirational material we felt it was our turn to give back to the community. After all, Thanksgiving is just around the corner.

Below we have gathered together twenty websites that effectively utilize graphic illustration as one of the key elements to the site's layout. We hope this selection will provide a good source of inspiration on your next project and Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

Swingers: The Crazy Golf Club




Armada Creative




Creative Cruise




Union Sportivive De Sezanna


Leva Engineering


Castello Festival


HongLeong Bank




Pixity Land


Jolly Duck Bunting Co.


James Garner


The Dollar Dreadful


David Lanham


Biggest Apple


Change The World United


Colin & Dewi


Kansas City CreepFest
Dale Crum

Dale Crum

Owner / Creative Director at Doc4 Design