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At Doc4, we can't wait to read the latest newsletters from America's Test Kitchen, OkDork, and Arkansas' own Talk Business & Politics. Do you have a favorite email newsletter that you're subscribed to? Think about how engaged you are with that organization because of their email marketing.

Now, imagine offering the same type of communication to your own clients and prospects to help them get to know you and your product or service better. Maybe you don't have to imagine it because you already have some type of email marketing — but is it getting you results? Are your email efforts translating into more clients, higher sales, or added exposure?

The devil, as they say, is in the details, especially when you are first getting started. We have some great email marketing tricks up our sleeve at Doc4 Design that you can take your email marketing campaign to the next level.

You Don't Have To Do It All Yourself

As you start to plan your email newsletter, you might feel overwhelmed by concerns such as monitoring your CAN-SPAM Act compliance to stay out of legal trouble when sending emails. The good news is you don't have to figure out all the minute details on your own because there are some high-quality newsletter marketing tools that you can use.


One of the better-known email marketing platforms around is MailChimp, which is ideal for small to medium businesses (but has no fear of taking on larger clients!). You will find plans that reflect your email volume, broken down into categories for the Entrepreneur, the Growing Business, and the High Volume Sender.

The Entrepreneur account is available for free to users who plan to send up to 12,000 emails to 2,000 subscribers. The Growing Business account asks you to sign up for a monthly account to send unlimited emails to recipient databases of up to 50,000, or you can sign up to purchase email credits that never expire. If you have a high volume business and need some help keeping everything in order, the High Volume Sender plan might work well, giving you the ability to have more than 500,000 subscribers. At such high volume, you might also need help with building an infrastructure to support that volume, and this tier of service is perfect.

This email tool is brimming with highly useful features that will give you the ease of use that makes it all seem effortless. Features include subscriber profiles to help you get to know your clients, automation, and personalization so you can set up automated emails based on your subscribers' preferences, and advanced analytics among others. And if you come across any problems, their customer support will help you navigate with ease.

Constant Contact

Constant Contact is another handy email marketing tool that allows you to customize it to fit your needs. You will find several plans and pricing tiers to suit your needs, and most importantly, you can send unlimited emails under any account plan that you choose. Constant Contact features fees that break down by your number of contacts, or subscribers. The range starts at 0-500 subscribers then goes forward with 501-2,500, 2,501-5,000, 5001-10,000 and 10,000-plus. Their range tops out at about lower to mid-volume level, so they work better with smaller companies, in general.

With this email and newsletter marketing plan, you can work with their email template builder to get started. The service uses videos to walk you through the platform and its customization. The service offers many features, including list-building tools, contact management, and customer support.

Other Email Marketing Tools

You will find other email tools available, but they often cater to the higher volume clients. One such company is Bronto, which promotes itself as a cloud-based marketing platform for e-commerce website design, and is the number one email marketing provider for Internet Retail Top 1000. AWeber is another large-scale email marketing tool that high volume companies might consider.

A Little Help Goes a Long Way

At a time when focusing on creating stellar content is your primary goal, enlisting the help of an expert in the email marketing industry will help you navigate this new process with ease, removing technical worries and frustrations, so you can concentrate on sending out the right message for your business.

Inspiration from Successful Marketing Campaigns!

What Northwest Arkansas company or non-profit do you think has the best email marketing campaign? Let us know what you think, and forward a copy of your favorites to — we'd love to see who our readers' favorites are!

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