Happy Holidays from Doc4!

With the end of 2013 fast approaching, we wanted to fill you in on the biggest developments at Doc4 past year and give you a heads up on where we are headed in 2014.


Thinking Small: Going Mobile in 2014

If we were going to boil 2013 down to just one word, that word would be Mobile. From mobile websites to mobile responsive web design to mobile app development, 'going mobile' seems to have been on the agenda for nearly every client we have worked for this year. And with good reason: more and more people will be browsing the web on a mobile device in 2014.

In fact, most research points to a very near future where more people will see your website on a mobile or tablet device than on a desktop computer. If your organization has not taken a hard look at your mobile presence, give Doc4 a call in the new year and find out what we can do to prepare you for the mobile era that is fast approaching.


SEO: The New Building Blocks of Marketing

The next hottest topic of 2013 was SEO – Search Engine Optimization. A decade ago, you were doing good if you had a solid website. But now, it's all about getting to the top of Google.

In the old days of business, you would hang a sign in front of your shop letting everyone on the street know you were open for business. But in today's globalized, 'flat' world, you can hang your sign out front on 'streets' all over the world by getting your website to the first page of Google.

Being on top in the search engine world will be the single biggest step organizations can take in 2014 to improve growth. It is so essential to being able to compete in 2014 that we have advised many clients to make their search strategy not just a part of their marketing but to actually focus on SEO as a foundational element to their entire marketing strategy.

Google (and other search engines) can provide insight into consumer behavior and thought that no tool in history has been able to provide – at least not on a global scale. While working to improve your rank on Google, you will learn what terminology real people use when discussing your industry.

You can learn what consumers are looking for, what their concerns are, and a whole lot more during the process of working out a search strategy. This information is pure gold when working on your larger marketing strategy. Which is why we argue that starting with SEO is the new way to build a successful marketing campaign in 2014.


New Partners, New Office, New Year

If you have followed Doc4 over the past few years, you may have noticed a dramatic increase in our digital services capabilities. This has been due in large part to our strategic partnership with Mill Creek Software, developers of the smartphone app Field Agent.

Mill Creek Software is a group of elite software developers and programming experts pushing the boundaries of technological development in Northwest Arkansas. Their 'back-end' capabilities combined with Doc4's 'front-end' design sensibilities have led to some incredible work over the past few years, including a mobile app we developed together for the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art.

We will be moving into a beautiful new office in 2014, just down the street from our current office in historic downtown Rogers, Arkansas. Stay tuned for more updates, have a happy and safe holiday season, and we will talk to you next year!

Michael White

Michael White

Business Specialist at Doc4 Design