Numbers in Modern Branding

While numbers can sometimes be a bit challenging to incorporate into a professional identity I hope the following works show that the payoff can be well worth all the hard work we put into our designs. I have to admit that the thought of typing words on an upside-down calculator came to mind more than once while preparing this article, just one other example of how we use numbers in creative ways.

I’ve looked for some of the best examples while attempting not to repeat what other design sites have shown in the past. It’s not always possible to be completely unique especially on the web and you will find some duplicates. There are a few more recognizable identities to illustrate a contrast between corporate and independent design.


  • 3Penguin
  • 007
  • 5 Square
  • 8
  • 12South
  • 27
  • 68
  • Soixante-Neuf
  • 75Clinton
  • 76ers
  • 88
  • CR8V House
  • DJ Eleven
  • Five One Design
  • HTML5
  • M40ON
  • Six Locks Security
  • Society 27
  • Studio Eighty Five
  • Twins
  • Zero
Dale Crum

Dale Crum

Owner / Creative Director at Doc4 Design