What’s App-ening in Northwest Arkansas

Facebook's recent acquisition of WhatsApp for a stunning $19 billion has mobile app developers the world over wondering: Who is going to develop the next billion-dollar mobile app idea?

Northwest Arkansas may not be Silicon Valley but it very well could be home to the next big mobile app. That's because the region is quickly becoming a boom town for mobile app development.

Doc4 Design, along with our partners at Mill Creek Software, has been working hard to develop the top mobile apps over the last few years. And while we don't expect any of them to bring in enough money to buy four aircraft carriers, you can't blame us for keeping our fingers crossed for good luck.

Continue reading to discover a few of the most exciting mobile apps to be developed in Northwest Arkansas. Most of these apps are free to the public, so be sure to download a copy of each for yourself – your local mobile app developer will thank you! And remember: if you have an idea for a mobile app, or just have questions about what your organization can do to capitalize on this new technology, contact Doc4 Design today to set up a free consultation.

Field Agent

If you haven't used Fayetteville's hottest mobile app, you need to download this one today! That's because Field Agent pays people (like you) real money via their smartphone for doing all sorts of small jobs. In fact, Field Agent has paid out nearly two million dollars to thousands of "Agents" from all over the world.

Developed in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Field Agent is now active in seven countries and counting. "Now more than ever, companies are looking for ways to efficiently gain field intelligence on products and services," said Kelly Miller, co-founder of Field Agent. "In an economy where unemployment is near record levels, it's rewarding to be part of an idea that can create income for thousands of people."

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Crystal Bridges

Before your next trip to the Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, be sure to download a copy of their mobile app and get the most out of your museum exploration.

Winner of a 2012 MUSE award, the Crystal Bridges mobile app features a selection of audio tours of the Museum's permanent collection, arranged around a variety of themes. Also included are maps of the galleries and grounds, plus information about services, amenities, and programs.

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Your Decor

Kick start your creativity with Your Decor, an interior design app from Springdale, Arkansas' Lighting Emporium. What makes Your Decor so cool is that it allows you to see exactly how an item of furniture will look in your home before you make the purchase.

Take a photograph of a room using your phone then add items to it from Lighting Emporium's catalog. You can resize the items, move them around, and even shop for them on Lighting Emporium's website. It's a great way to preview an expensive purchase before taking the plunge.

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If you or someone you know is in the construction industry or a related field, workCITE may be able to save you time and money. This cutting-edge app from CrossFleet in Fayetteville, Arkansas provides a way for contractors to seamlessly communicate with Field Service Techs on a job site.

With the workCite field service iPhone app, work orders can be reviewed in detail by mobile field technicians, which reduces mistakes and rework. The app also provides a "citeCHECK Report" that confirms arrivals and job start/stop times.

Learn more about workCITE and the talented developers behind it building the next generation of mobile asset and field worker tracking apps at CrossFleet.com.

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The logistics and transportation industries are gaining huge benefits from mobile app technology. The LOCATE app connects carriers and shippers with real-time status and location updates on their loads with this truckload shipment tracking iPhone and Android app.

Developed by CrossFleet in Fayetteville, Arkansas, LOCATE works in tandem with the online LOCATE Dashboard to help you streamline communication and improve customer service.

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Fayetteville Public Library

The Fayetteville Public Library mobile app is the fastest and easiest way to search the Fayetteville Public Library catalog. The app also allows you to read book reviews, place items on hold, renew items you have checked out, and more.

"We believe it is vitally important to connect with our users in the way that is most accessible, and since many people now receive information through their phones and mobile devices, that's where we need to be," said Shawna Thorup, FPL executive director.

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Other Mobile Apps Developed in Arkansas

Can't get enough of these homegrown apps? Here are a few more to keep an eye on:

  • Overwatch (Bentonville, Arkansas) Take your gaming skills into the real world through airsoft, paintball, or laser tag only now you have Live GPS Radar to track enemies and friendlies, Voice Chat to keep in contact with your teammates, and In-Game Perks to give your team the competitive edge.
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  • Sooligan (Fayetteville, Arkansas) Part of the inaugural class of The Ark Challenge, Sooligan allows you to see what people around you are raving or ranting about. You can share your own thoughts, ask questions, or provide feedback to others around you.
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  • QBOT (Little Rock, Arkansas) With QBOT, you can forget about coupon clipping and punch card punching. Hundreds of businesses have joined with this app to reward loyal customers.
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Do You Have a $19 Billion Mobile App Idea? We can help make your idea a reality. If you have an idea for a mobile app, or just have questions about mobile app development, contact Doc4 Design today to set up a free consultation.

Michael White

Michael White

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