OWIT Food, Fun, and Fellowship Event

The Food, Fun, and Fellowship Event will feature guest speakers, business opportunities, chances to build relationships, networking, and the Arkansas premiere of Margie Raimondo's short film L'ANIMA DELLA SICILIA.

A Universal Language: Everyone has to eat, and you can convey messages that are stronger than words through plate presentation and culinary creations.

New Experiences: Food 'staples' are entirely dependent on where you are in the world. Through the serving of food, you gain greater insight into culture, beliefs, and way of life through the serving of their food. Food has a way to build long-term relationships.

Food Staples Tell a Story: By eating local cuisine, you allow yourself to be open-minded and curious. Food is an incredible way to experience new and exciting things.

Increased Knowledge: Studies show that by trying new foods, you are improving your overall senses. By exposing your taste and mind to different cultural cuisines, you are opening yourself up to learn.


  • Free
  • Fri, March 31
  • 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.
  • RSVP Required
  • World Trade Center Arkansas
  • 3300 Market St, Ste 400
  • Rogers, Arkansas 72758
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