UA Limited Video Game Prototype Logo Mockups

In 1983 UA Limited developed three games for the Atari 2600; Funky Fish, Cat Trax, and Pleiades. UA Limited developed approximately 31 games for use on the Emerson Arcadia 2001 console however these three games are the only known releases for the Atari 2600. It's difficult to pin down details around UA Limited and it's unknown why they were never commercially released. The prototypes and licenses were acquired by AtariAge in the early 2000s  and Doc4 was approached to deliver rough, mocked-up identities to be used for an official release.

Having a soft spot for retro video games we jumped at that chance. The Emerson Arcadia 2001 logos for Funky Fish and Pleiades are simple text-based font designs housing a rainbow pattern to match all Arcadia releases. Officially released logos for these two games can be seen on the standup arcade cabinets, however, a new approach was requested for the reproductions.

We delivered several early-stage, rough mockups and though only Cat Trax made it to the final deliverables, it was a fun, fast exercise.

Funky Fish and Pleiades are based on ports of their "coin-op" counterparts. Funky Fish from Sun Corp. and Pleiades from Centuri. Cat Trax was discovered on a European multicart release under the name "Cat 'N Mouse". Because UA Limited had previously programmed and released all available games on the Emerson Arcadia 2001 it's unknown why these games were never given public releases.

If you're interested in picking up your very own copies of these games visit the AtariAge store.

Funky Fish

Monsters have taken over the ocean and enlisted the creatures of the sea as their guardians. You are Funky Fish, and it's up to you to rid the waters of the armies of evil! Shoot small enemies with your bubble cannon to turn them into fruit, then steal the monster's energy! But don't get too confident, the next wave is faster and nestled amid an ocean bed of obstacles! One wrong move and you're sunk! Are you fish enough to save the ocean?

Cat Trax

It's an age-old battle of cats versus dogs. Take control of one brave cat and race through the maze, but beware--you're not alone! Dogs are lurking to find your cat and turn him into lunch! Race to the potion and transform into the Dog Catcher to impound those puppies...but watch out, they'll be back! It's a mad scramble in which you're outnumbered three to one. Can you out-run--and out-last--your canine opposition? Make Cat Trax and find out!


Hostile aliens are looking for trouble--and they've found you! Race to your spaceship, it's time to defend against wave after wave of alien invaders, attack the mother ship, and weave through a tight runway of parked spacecraft! If you survive to the end, get ready, because it's not over yet. They'll be back--and faster than ever! Are you ready to take on Pleiades and save the galaxy?

  • Graphic Design
  • Logo Design

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