Is WordPress The Best Choice?

Did you know 55 percent of almost a million websites were made using WordPress? People are three times as likely to use WordPress as a content management system. Is WordPress the best option for your website? Though WordPress may have name recognition, it isn't the only option in Northwest Arkansas. What should you consider about any WordPress website if you live in Bentonville AR or Fayetteville AR and want a website?


It is what makes WordPress successful. It was designed for bloggers and developers who made money selling an easy-to-use platform. Still, there are limitations. It uses Open Source. Is this the safest option considering hackers may have easier access to your website?

Ease of Access

The genius about WordPress is anyone can use it without being a computer programmer. It may double as a CMS and it is easy to use 1,700 themes and 24,000 plug-ins. It may, however, not be easy to add customized content. What if you need to make a change and need a plugin that hasn't been written yet? How can you make the changes needed?

Increasing Your Business's Authority Status

Its ease of access makes it easy to create daily posts and increases your company's authoritativeness. Assigning permissions to employees who need access may be difficult. WordPress doesn't allow assigning granular permissions automatically. This is why going through a company, such as Doc4 Design, is better. You can set controls on your blog, so everyone who needs access has it.

Optimization for smaller to medium Companies

WordPress is the perfect tool to provide optimization for smaller businesses that is out-of-the-box. If a company doesn't have a dedicated IT team, a built-it-from-scratch website isn't a good option. However, this software may not allow companies to fully develop their own brand and stand out from competitors.

Good for SEO use

Everyone these days from website design companies, (such as Doc4 Design) take SEO optimization seriously. Though WordPress does allow companies to use SEO, it may not allow them to optimize what's needed (on and off-page) to increase page ranking results. If you live in Northwest Arkansas, Isn't it better to use a local website design company around Fayetteville, Ark. or Bentonville, Ark.? They will better optimize page results with on and off-page SEO without you having to call long distances if there is a problem with your blogging site.


This is a handy feature that allows WordPress users to see what they are editing before they post blogs live. Some website design programs do not include a WYSIWYG editor with their web design programs. Did you know the WYSIWYG editing software may function poorly in WordPress? This is why it may be wise to seek a professional company, such as Doc4 Design to manage your website.

Website for the Everyman

WordPress is a great tool for those who do not have experience in website design. It relies on easy website coding to create themes and designs. Using generic coding, however, means the coding may not be needed for every website. It could slow loading times, bounce rates, and decrease optimization results.

Save money on Themes

It may help to have a web design theme in WordPress because it is free and doesn't cost as much as traditional website design. However, bloggers may not be saving as much money as they think. What if customers confuse websites with a competitor and begin shopping a competitor's website more? Sales will drop and that money saved evaporates. Then, where's the savings for those who have theme-based sites?


WordPress allows people who do not have web design experience to create something beautiful and provides more than 1,700 themes customers may use. However, does it really allow customers to be creative enough? You may have little protection if another business copies the "feel" of your website, thanks to what is known as trade dress protection.


WordPress easily updates their plugins so websites run smoothly. What happens when updates go awry? By building a custom web design, customers have more control over which updates are installed and when. This means you won't have to use an upgrade that may not be compatible with WordPress software and that could stop widgets, and more, from working on your website.

Elliott Orion
Elliott Orion
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