By: Dale Crum

Instantly Improve Your B2B Website with These 10 Easy Tips

The 6 Do's For Every Business Site The goal of every B2B website is the same: cater to buyers with credible content and trustworthy experiences ...

By: Michael White

Is it a Worldwide WordPress Conspiracy?

At Doc4 Design, we hear from business owners nearly every week who specifically mention their need for a WordPress website. Why are so many folks ...

By: Michael White

Thinking Small: Design for Mobile

How freaked out do you get when you reach for your cell phone only to realize that you do not have it and you have ...

By: Ryan Wells

Usability Trough

When I'm talking to people here in Northwest Arkansas about new technologies, a statement I frequently hear is, "Oh, I'd never be able to use ...

By: Ryan Wells

Should You Still Be Writing JavaScript?

Few people would dispute that JavaScript has become the lingua franca of the web and is one of the most important programming languages in the ...

By: Dale Crum

Tutorial: Magic Fields Duplicates

Magic Fields provides a greater amount of control and ease-of-use over Flutter when it comes to duplicate fields. Unfortunately, the instructions needed to use duplication ...

By: Dale Crum

jQuery: Animate to an Unknown, Variable Height or Width

Imagine an animated sliding box displaying a daily news feed. When the page loads, the box displays an excerpt of news then expands to display ...

By: David Wilson

jQuery: The Basics

Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably been exposed to jQuery. If you've been on Facebook, YouTube, or Twitter you've seen it. Those ...

By: Davis James

WordPress Tutorial: Hacks, Snippets, and More

WordPress gives us so many options that it truly is amazing they have yet to declare themselves a content management system. Sometimes, though, we have ...

By: Dale Crum

How to Use the WordPress Flutter CMS

We are continuing our Freshout Flutter tutorials by covering the basics of creating Write Panels, Custom Fields, and methods of printing those Custom Fields. This ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial: Making the Flutter Date Field work for you

The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate the comparison between two WordPress Flutter Date Fields, display them and if only one date is necessary, ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial: Flutter Duplicate Fields

Creating duplicate fields through Freshout's WordPress plugin, Flutter, has been a little on the mysterious side up to this point. No documentation seems to exist ...


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"You guys freakin' rock! Thanks for everything you've done with the Project Monkey app"

Dakota Riggins
Dakota Riggins
Black Pine Homes

"Thanks so much! Your work looks great in the movie!"

David Hunt
David Hunt
Film Director
'Greater: The Brandon Burlsworth Story'

"Doc4 Design has been our go-to web and print company for almost fifteen years. They're the best!”

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Holly Fish
Dir. of Human Resources & Mktg.