By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial: Making the Flutter Date Field work for you

The goal of this tutorial is to demonstrate the comparison between two WordPress Flutter Date Fields, display them and if only one date is necessary, ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress: Add Your Own Branding

WordPress is a great open source platform to build on and we have nothing but respect for their work, but wouldn't it be nice to ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress: Provide a Better Naming Convention for Thumbnails

We never really brought the WordPress thumbnail feature to its full potential until recently. Initially, we assumed that WordPress provided a codex tag that would ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial: Flutter Duplicate Fields

Creating duplicate fields through Freshout's WordPress plugin, Flutter, has been a little on the mysterious side up to this point. No documentation seems to exist ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial: Condensing the Flutter menu

One of the few flaws we've found with Freshout's WordPress plugin entitled Flutter is the manner in which it displays Custom Write Panels. Flutter lists ...

By: Dale Crum

DCDragonfire: A Free, Retro, Video Game Font

DCDragonfire, is named after the vintage video game company Imagic 's game of the same name, Dragonfire . "Imagic was an American video game developer ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress Tutorial on What To Do When No Content Exists

Doc4 has been developing websites for Clients using WordPress since before 2005. During that time we've created quite a few generic themed sites as well ...

By: Dale Crum

CSS Hacks: The Quick and Dirty Way to Patch your Stylesheets

It's not uncommon to see a few CSS hacks in a stylesheet, especially when it comes down to the Internet Explorer. These browsers can break ...

By: Dale Crum

Tutorial: Recreate the menubar – a Special Follow-up

I ran across an article on the wonderful catswhocode website about recreating the Apple website menu. From the catswhocode: " menubar is really an example ...

By: Davis James

FDA Food Label, A Paragon of Legibility

After watching an elephant disappear in front of a crowded theater (so the story goes), a young man asked Harry Houdini, "How did you do ...

By: Michael White

Choosing “The Right” Color

What is your favorite color? You have undoubtedly been asked this dozens of times. Being a designer, my answer takes a little explaining. A far ...

By: Dale Crum

Web Design with Cross-Browser Support

Building a website can be a daunting task. It's not uncommon to hear of an individual offering to design and build a website overnight, but ...


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Rose Mary Cummings
Rose Mary Cummings
Sr. Dir. of Mktg/Product Dev.
Maxwell Hardwood & Flooring

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Glenda Milam
Lighting Emporium

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David Hunt
Film Director
'Greater: The Brandon Burlsworth Story'