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Field Agent Mobile App

Field Agent is an innovative mobile application developed in Northwest Arkansas. It leverages the power of crowd-sourcing to allow a single person in one location to gather information instantly from literally hundreds of other individuals worldwide.

One of the biggest obstacles we faced was the need to create a user interface that would aid in simplifying the process for the Field "Agents" while still being visually inviting to this wildly diverse crowd, and also appealing to their "Clients" – a more uniform and corporate group. The final design accomplished both of these stylistic goals while still being able to communicate a complex array of information in a clear and orderly fashion

Solving these challenges required acute attention to typographic detail, an efficient use of customized iconography, and a judicious use of color. The finished product exudes trustworthiness while still being fun and even a little playful. Applying these solutions to both the Field Agent app and website allowed for a strong sense of cohesion and made for a consistent brand image.

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