By: Michael White

Brace Yourself for “Mobilegeddon”

Today, April 21, 2015, Google is releasing an update that will impact how websites are ranked in mobile search results. This mobile-friendly update is anticipated ...

By: Michael White

Mobile Searchers are on the Move and Ready to Buy

Today, mobile traffic accounts for more than 30% of all web traffic. There are billions of smartphones in the world, and Google is raising its ...

By: Jess Ragan

Video Game Instruction Manuals - The Nintendo Years

The video game industry wasn't just resurrected in 1985 it was completely reinvented. Cutting edge technology and a fresh approach to game design came together ...

By: Michael White

Is it a Worldwide WordPress Conspiracy?

At Doc4 Design, we hear from business owners nearly every week who specifically mention their need for a WordPress website. Why are so many folks ...

By: Dale Crum

Nine Unavoidable Frustrations of Using WordPress

It's no secret that WordPress has a corner on the blogging market. Despite its widespread popularity, however, it presents several problems that are difficult or ...

By: Dale Crum

WordPress’ Silver Lining

With over 60 million blogs running on WordPress, it's the most popular blog platform around. There's a good reason for its popularity, too. WordPress offers ...

By: Dale Crum

Social Media Profile Dimensions Update

In July of 2012, we published a Photoshop template detailing how social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and many others handle your ...

By: Ryan Wells

Not So Fast, Swift!

Last month at its World Wide Developer Conference, Apple surprised everyone by announcing not an iWatch or new Macs or their fabled Apple Television, but ...

By: Michael White

How WordPress Could Sink Your Business

We hear from folks all over Northwest Arkansas who confidently assure us that their organization needs a WordPress website. However, after a little discussion, we ...

By: Davis James

The Future of Web, Video, and SEO

We often find that most companies don't see the point in creating videos, unless of course, they are advertising on television. And if this describes ...

By: Michael White

The Good Thing About Bad Design

Our world is drowning in bad design. Have you ever been forced to sit through a PowerPoint presentation that looked so bad it made you ...

By: Ryan Wells

Apple iOS7 TextKit

Unless you've been vacationing in a cave (or living a strange, hermetic Android-only lifestyle), you're aware by now that iOS 7 has landed on nearly ...


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Dakota Riggins
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David Hunt
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Holly Fish
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