Atari 2600 Imagic Video Game Font: DCDragonfire

DCDragonfire was named for the Atari 2600 Imagic game Dragonfire. It was created for use with the Activision Anthology artwork. Each letter was reworked from 600dpi scans of the original Imagic packaging and then vectorized in Adobe Illustrator.

You may notice that on occasion Imagic was prone to certain letter variations such is the case with the "R" and the "N". We have included these letter variations as well, housing them within the upper and lowercase characters. In addition, we added a few extras such as the vertical "NEW", the combined characters in "THE" and a few Imagic character icons for fun. There was also a brief attempt to extend the character set but due to the fact that these additional characters were not required, the project was put on permanent hold.

All available Imagic game labels and box art from the Atari 2600 era were painstakingly recreated as scalable vector artwork through Illustrator. The artwork was then used within the Activision Anthology series, more specifically the Imagic artwork itself was used in conjunction with the Playstation Portable variation where the game is better known as Activision Hits: Remixed. The Imagic game selection is not available with all Activision Anthology games on all systems.

The Activision Anthology is a compilation of the games developed by Activision for use on the Atari 2600 during the 1980's. In addition, games by Absolute Entertainment, Imagic and several homebrews by independent developers are included in some versions. The homebrew games are singled out for the Gameboy Advance and those included are Climber 5 by XYPE, Okie Dokie by Bob Colbert, Oystron by XYPE, Skeleton+ by Eric Ball, Space Treat Deluxe by Fabrizio Zavagli, Vault Assault by Brian Prescott and Euchre by Erik Eid. We are proud to say that we have worked with all of these homebrew developers on these past projects.


Thanks go out to Michael for noting that the previous download was incompatible with Windows. We have updated the font to TrueType for Mac and PC. If you have been having trouble with the font or noticed an odd issue with the uppercase "A" please download the file again. Thanks.


DC Dragonfire Font Typography Example

DC Dragonfire Font Typography Example

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Dale Crum
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