By: Dale Crum

Ten Clever Yet Minimal Banner Ad Designs

Banner ads are everywhere. However, we're so used to being bombarded with advertising in the modern world that the vast majority of banner advertisements are ...

By: Michael White

Thinking Small: Design for Mobile

How freaked out do you get when you reach for your cell phone only to realize that you do not have it and you have ...

By: Ryan Wells

Usability Trough

When I'm talking to people here in Northwest Arkansas about new technologies, a statement I frequently hear is, "Oh, I'd never be able to use ...

By: Ryan Wells

Graphic Design Nostalgia

The concept design for Bungie's new non-Halo game, Destiny, makes me nostalgic for the classic science fiction graphic design from the 70s and 80s. The ...

By: Amy Ha

Reaching A Collaborative Perspective Through Criticism

"We are all failures- at least the best of us are." J.M. Barrie Honesty is always, always a good thing. No reason to get bent ...

By: Ryan Wells

Should You Still Be Writing JavaScript?

Few people would dispute that JavaScript has become the lingua franca of the web and is one of the most important programming languages in the ...

By: Ryan Wells

Maybe You Really Do Need An App For That

Nearly two years ago, as the market for mobile apps was just hitting its stride, I came to the hallowed pages of Doc4 to encourage ...

By: Amy Ha

Pantone's Color Story 2013

"Green is the most abundant hue in nature - the human eye sees greener than any other color in the spectrum," Leatrice Eiseman, executive director ...

By: Jess Ragan

Instruction Manuals, the Greatest Story Never Read

We've all been there before. In fact, if you're a dedicated fan of video games, you've probably done it hundreds of times. You take home ...

By: Dale Crum

Avatar Dimensions: A Social Networking Template for the Masses

Not long ago we were in the process of overhauling a social networking brand when we realized that we didn't have a reliable list of ...

By: Dale Crum

Designing with Numbers: Inspiring Examples of Innovative Identity Work

In the realm of professional identity design, incorporating numbers can sometimes pose a challenge. However, the following showcase of works aims to demonstrate that the ...

By: Dale Crum

Brands That Use Animals to Speak to their Audience

Incorporating the animal kingdom in brand identities is by no means a groundbreaking subject, however, making the logo mark work on a professional level isn't ...


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